Here at Biolab, we believe that company growth and flexibility to the market are intrinsically connected to the professional development of our employees. The appreciation of people, through our development programs, provides chances for career growth and ensures the company grows while aligned with Innovation, one of the cornerstones of Biolab.

We offer our support and expertise in planning development actions. Check it out:

We offer our employees the educational support in the form of language courses, academic graduation, post-graduation and Master’s degree courses. Employees that receive this benefit may be granted up to 70% of the total course amount. We also offer educational partnerships with monthly discounts, directly with the educational institution.

The Plural program was awarded in 2017 by Sindusfarma in the following categories:

  • Impact on company results;
  • Innovation and Creativity;
  • Impact on target population results;
  • Methodology;
  • Investment x outcome.

Its goal is to provide new employees the dissemination of Biolab’s competences and the company’s background, via conversations and lectures held by seasoned professionals from the company with vast knowledge of the organizational culture. This way, we seek to ensure that the “Biolab way” is known by all of our employees, throughout all company departments.

Biolab’s HR department is formed by professionals with experience in mapping out and identifying talented individuals. By way of performance management and coaching tools, we are able to steer the employees’ career development and the areas that are part of the company, always focusing on the business strategy.

We also offer ongoing opportunities for technical updating and encourage interaction with the market for identifying good practices.

Our young trainees are provided with a technical and behavioral qualification framework, updated every year.

Our trainees are monitored by tutors, previously identified and qualified by the Human resources department, and both tutor and trainee undergo a performance evaluation process every six months. Read more about the Etapa Trainee Program.


Each generation that reaches the labor market has a new professional profile, and Biolab deems essential to recognize and adapt to new priorities. This is why we offer benefits that reflect the care and importance our employees and their family members deserve from out company.

We offer a complete and distinguished benefit package, which is unique not only because of the items included, but by how they are individually managed. At Biolab, health and welfare are precious and are not negotiable, and directly influence the development of each employee.


• HEALTH CARE keyboard_arrow_right
We have a Corporate health team fully dedicated to providing full support to our employees and their families, as well as offering health care plan with no monthly contribution to the employee and its dependents.
• WORKPLACE EXERCISE keyboard_arrow_right
We are concerned with ergonomics in the workplace, which is why we provide workplace exercise and gymnastics every day, for all our units.
• DAY-CARE CENTER AID keyboard_arrow_right
Provided for employees’ children up to 30 months of age.
• PARTY BENEFIT keyboard_arrow_right
Our employees are entitled to a day off on their birthday, as well as a gift card. We also award gifts when the employee gets married or has a child.
• PRIVATE RETIREMENT PLAN keyboard_arrow_right
In order to contribute with planning the future of our employees and their families, Biolab offers a progressive private retirement plan, according to the contribution time to the plan.
• DENTAL PLAN OR COMPANY DENTAL CLINIC (according to workplace) keyboard_arrow_right
Our management center employees may opt for a dental plan. Furthermore, our factory units have dental clinics available for all employees and direct family members, and 1 indirect family member.
Legal, psychological and financial support program provided, for example, to employees and their family members, 24 hours a day.
• LIFE INSURANCE keyboard_arrow_right
Biolab offers life insurance, which is invaluable to plan your future ahead and provide security for your family.
• REDUCED WORK SHIFT keyboard_arrow_right
We have flexible work shifts in some units, in order to increase quality of life of our employees.
• MEAL TICKET OR COMPANY RESTAURANT (according to workplace) keyboard_arrow_right
We include restaurants in our factory units and provide meal tickets in our management unit.
We provide transportation allowances, deducted from the payroll as established by law, and chartered transportation for factory units.
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