Biolab has created the “Educ Esporte” project, through the Federal Sports Incentive Law, intended for children and adolescents, to encourage practice of sports through basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer classes.

Equipment and uniforms needed for practicing sports are provided for the classes, which are taught in partnership with trustworthy institutions. This project aims at providing young people a new outlook on life, through sport, discipline and education.

Esporte Solidário

Biolab believes that sport is an invaluable tool in transforming society and the future. The “Esporte Solidário” project, through the Federal Sports Incentive Law, provided karate classes for many children and adolescents.

In addition to the actual practice of martial arts, the young receive guidance on how to exercise the body and the mind, as well as concepts of cooperation, team work and, in particular, citizenship, in order to form both athletes and people with a different view towards life.

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