ACNASE line adapts its strategy and focuses on digital media

Portal Sindusfarma | 09/19/2019
Interactivity is the word of the moment in the relationship between companies and consumers. Following this trend, ACNASE, Biolab Pharmaceuticals' product line for treating blackheads and pimples, is betting on the digital channel, providing a new experience for young people.

"Our target audience is predominantly on social networks. These young people use technology to get information, communicate and seek out rapid, direct responses from brands," says Marcelo Guedes, Marketing Director at Biolab.
The strategy for the ACNASE line excludes traditional advertising models. With a focus on social networks, partnerships were established with influencers who appeal to the target audience and are aligned with the brand's identity. After all, the product's image becomes associated with these people.

"Our products are high quality, produced with nanotechnology. We want to bring people this information, so that the benefits of ACNASE can be fully recognized and understood. Working with influencers is very important in this new approach because in the short term it creates buzz, and in the medium term the quality of the brand creates loyal customers," explains Guedes.

In addition to dissemination in social networks, Biolab invests in a service that follows the same model of agility, attention and interaction. This service, known as SAC 2.0, follows up on all mentions of the ACNASE brand. Biolab Product Manager Guilherme Veçoso provides further insight.

"Regardless of the nature of the comment, if ACNASE is mentioned we are aware of it, analyze it and respond. All within the ideal timing for this type of media. Total interactivity with the end consumer, including partnerships with channels offering online consultations, allowing us to keep track of the data from research done on the line," says Veçoso.

The new ACNASE communication strategy has already produced positive results, and actions are gradually being expanded. Currently the line is in its second wave of marketing actions focused on social networks.

The Acnase treatment line consists of the following products: Acnase Cream. Sulfur 2% + benzoyl peroxide 5%. Reg. MS 1.0974.0239. Use: For topical treatment of mild acne vulgaris (blackheads and pimples). Acnase Gel. Benzoyl peroxide 5%. SIMPLIFIED NOTIFICATION MEDICINE RDC No. 199/2006. AFE No. 1.00.974-4. Use: For topical acne treatment. ACNASE IS A DRUG. ITS USE CAN BRING RISKS. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR AND PHARMACIST. READ THE INSERT. IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST, CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. OCTOBER/2019.
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