Are you going to play any sport? Be careful of your articulations

FOLHA DO ABC | 07/02/2018
Practicing physical activities brings a lot of benefits to the body, since it improves the cardiopulmonary and muscle conditioning by reducing the risk of heart and metabolic diseases, in addition to improving the energy and reducing the emotional distress. However, regardless of the chosen modality, the medical follow-up and cautions are required for those who want to play any regular physical activity and avoid articular, muscle, among other injuries, which may turn this healthy habit into a serious problem.

 "Physical activities require fitness and body capacity, in accordance with the chosen modality. Jogging, for instance, increases the impact on articulations, particularly on the knees, ankles and hip, which receive a higher overload as compared to any routine activity", explained Márcio de Castro Ferreira, Orthopedist specialized in knee surgery of HCor - SP.
Articulations are covered with a thin protection layer named cartilage.  That structure serves both to absorb the impact and minimize the friction during the bone displacement. With the constant overload of the cartilage, the cells producing its balance are damaged, which results into unbalance and degradation of such cells.

 "This type of injury starts in microscopic stages, not detected in radiographic tests. Thus, the body will be suffering over time and when the symptoms come up, the deterioration has already happened. For that reason, the prevention of the cartilage is the best path to follow", highlighted Márcio Ferreira.

In order to assist in the prevention of damages to the articulations, visiting a doctor is recommended in order to identify the possible causes that may contribute to the articulation overload, as well as the use of supplements that assist to protect the cartilage that is usually worn out by the normal aging of the human being and also potentialized by the practice of physical activities, particularly the high-impact ones. In those situations, the most indicated supplement is the Collagen Peptides, as explained by the HCor's specialist.

 "The collagen peptides provide the sportsman or sportswoman  with two important solutions: assistance in the prevention, by increasing the longevity of the articulation in people who do not suffer of any injury and/or people who have the injury settled, by improving their life quality.  The second contribution is the assistance in the symptomatic improvement both in people with articulation injuries and those playing any physical activity, without any osteoarticular disease, who feel pain when practicing it", explained Márcio Ferreira.

Practicing physical activities is very important, but practicing it correctly and safely is essential for the health of body and articulations. For that reason, before starting any active physical actvitity routine, seeking for medical guidance is fundamental.

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