Biolab expands international footprint with acquisition of Canadian company

Biolab Pharma | 08/16/2022
We are very happy to share Biolab's new acquisition, the Canadian company Exzell Pharma. 

Biolab expanded to Canada in 2017 with a research and development facility. In this first phase, the priorities were to understand the legislation and the product registration process, in addition to certifying the company's plants in Brazil for export – the Jandira and Bragança Paulista plants have already achieved certification. The company is now progressing toward the global market with the purchase of the Canadian laboratory Exzell Pharma, located in Markham, Ontario.

The company is being incorporated into Biolab with an average growth of 12% per year and has a product portfolio for the specialties of gastroenterology, dermatology, vitamins and supplements, markets in great expansion. 

The acquisition of Exzell and the incorporation of its product line also allow Biolab to evaluate which products can be exported to Brazil and which drugs manufactured here can be taken to Canada.

With a population of 38 million people, Canada is one of the largest economies in the world and has an important healthcare market (equivalent to Brazil, as a matter of fact), estimated to be worth about BRL 120 billion a year.

This is a big step for Biolab! The purchase of Exzell also represents a major growth opportunity by establishing an international export platform to other countries from Canada!

Experience evolution!

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