Biolab Farmacêutica is a reference in the treatment of hypertension

Media Company: Revista ABC Farma Online | 05/06/2019
April and May are marked by the Prevention and Fight against Hypertension. Biolab reinforces its commitment to take care of the population

Biolab Farmacêutica performs the prescription of medicines for cardiology. This is the result of 22 years of dedicated care for the heart. A relationship of trust and respect, built with doctors and patients.

The company started its operations in the segment with antihypertensive drugs and currently provides the most complete line of antihypertensives on the market: among the 125 brands it markets, 20 are dedicated to this disease, which affects a significant part of the population.

Biolab does not stop growing and worried about taking quality treatments, most of the population has just contracted a new line with more than 160 representatives who have as priority products those destined to the care of hypertension.

As a company that focuses on innovation, there is a concern at Biolab to offer the patient the best treatment for hypertension. Among the products for hypertension, Biolab has exclusive products in Brazil.

In addition to being a leader in the industry, another great achievement of Biolab is that it has become a reference in cardiological medicines, demonstrating reliability, quality and concern in this line of treatment.

"With hard work, we have gained a privileged place. Biolab is a trusted brand for cardiologists. In addition, we strive every day to stay in the leadership, offering new and modern solutions. Caring for the heart is one of the fuels for all actions of the company and, mainly, to value health and quality of life. Blood pressure is one of the main factors for the onset of cardiovascular disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 51% of deaths due to stroke (AVC) and 45% of the deaths related to heart problems are due to hypertension", says Marcelo Guedes, marketing director of Biolab Farmacêutica.

On April 26 is celebrated the National Day of Prevention and Fight against Hypertension, and on May 17 is marked by the World Day of Hypertension. More than a date, it is a period that Biolab reinforces its commitment, since it does not stop caring and invest in technologies for cardiovascular diseases, especially hypertension. "We should always take care of health, but we want to alert about the awareness, and the importance of heart health. According to data from the World Health Organization, supported by the Ministry of Health, 52.6% of men and 44.7% of women over 18 are overweight. This weight gain is responsible for 39% of hypertensive diseases, which, if not treated correctly, can lead to death or, at least, hospitalization", warns Capelli, commercial vice president of Biolab Farmacêutica.
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