Biolab invests in new factory and officially launches generic medicine unit

Revista Guia da Farmácia | 04/03/2019
New industrial park in Minas Gerais had an investment of R$ 450 millions

With 21 years of history dedicated to producing reference medicines, Biolab during Abradilan Conexão Farma Biolab officially launched Biolab Genéricos, line of medications that has the challenge of entering the market with a portfolio of exclusive and semi-exclusive products Abradilan Conexão Farma.  Biolab entering the generic medicinal product segment is a result from the acquisition of Actavis Brasil, a company that belonged to Israeli Teva, the largest manufacturer of generic medicinal products in the world. "Today we have approximately 35 molecules, and shall reach 60 molecules until the first half of the year. We shall keep our prescription line and, in parallel, shall proceed with the line of generic medicinal products", says Biolab CEO, Cleiton de Castro Marques. Today, in the prescription segment, the pharmaceutical specialty is the cardiology field. As a consequence, the company shall tend to focus on generic cardiology medicinal products, in addition to the Central Nervous System (CNS) segment, specialty of Actavis.

Adding to this investment, Biolab announced the inauguration of a new factory in Minas Gerais, with an input of R$ 450 millions, which shall be responsible for brand and generic medicinal products alike, a category that the executive states is a reality in the country. "Generic medicinal products reach a different world from prescription medications, and today is related to the large networks. Therefore, this is an opportunity to enter new markets and reach new audiences. We intend to bring more capillarity to our products", signals Marques, adding that the company participated in the trade fair for the first time exactly to achieve this goal. "The pharma channel has been very receptive, due to the serious image that the company already obtained – especially with physicians – with prescription medications. We have ambitious plans with this market", ended the executive.
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