Brazilian Society of Pediatrics releases guide for nausea and vomit treatment indicating the antiemetic drug ondansetron

SNIFBRASIL | 06/22/2018
The Brazilian Society of Pediatrics prepared the practical guide "Evidências para o Manejo de Náusea e Vômitos em Pediatria [Evidences on how to Handle Nausea and Vomit in Pediatrics]", in order to assist pediatricians to establish an accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate conduct for children presenting vomits due to different causes. Vomit is always anguishing for the child and the family. It is a common symptom for a number of diseases, which may have an acute and chronic evolution. "The pediatrician has a fundamental role when identifying any child or adolescent who needs further investigation, and they are responsible for the therapeutic measures to be taken in the initial evaluation of the patient vomiting", explained the pediatric gastroenterologist, Dr. Mauro Batista Morais, current chairman of the Department of the Gastroenterologists of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics.

Vomit is one of the most frequent complaints in pediatric appointments and, together with nausea, it may be a symptom for a controllable process or even the first manifestation of a serious process, in addition to being able to cause other problems, such as dehydration and metabolic complications; in many cases, admitting the patient is required.

Dr. Mauro Morais warns the analyzing it on a case-to-case basis is important, making the correct diagnosis in order to propose the specific treatment of the different diseases causing the vomit, which is fundamental for the control of such manifestations.

 If the condition is serious, followed by acute diarrhea, for instance, caused by virus or bacteria infection, using an antiemetic product is appropriate. "In the past, the antiemetic class drugs were questioned by the international and national entities, since they caused sleepiness. However, new scientific studies held in other countries and current meta-analyses evidenced the efficiency of the antiemetic ondansetron, which does not cause any sleepiness", explained the chairman of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics.

It is important to hold a careful evaluation of the patient vomiting. The differential diagnosis constitutes a huge challenge in the daily practice. Regular evaluations in the initial stages of any condition of vomit assure that serious diseases are not neglected and the development of complications, such as dehydration, is avoided", concluded Dr. Mauro Morais.

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