Colic is a functional disorder of the digestive system, common in early childhood.

Folha Vitória | 04/28/2020
Baby colic can be frightening to most parents. Despite not being a serious condition – clinically speaking –, it has a major impact on the quality of life of both infants and their families.

"Since colic is not a disease, there is no treatment. However, there are nutritional formulas that can help soothe this issue in weaned babies. There are several options available in the market. The recommendation is to seek out a specific formula, since this ensures efficacy and proper nutrition for the little patients," said Fábio Ancona, pediatrician specialized in child nutrition.
Colic is a functional disorder of the digestive system, common in early childhood, since the baby's organism is still not fully developed after birth. One of the consequences is an accumulation of gases or desynchronized bowel movement, which causes abdominal pain.

Medical assistance is always required before using specific nutritional formulas, in order to ensure their use does not cause any other problems to the child. The ideal products are those with low lactose content, in order not to exceed the baby's digestive capacity and prevent colon fermentation, which generates gases and swelling. Since the patient is no longer breastfed, we must give him a similar ratio of proteins found in breast milk.

"Studies with more than 600 breastfeeding infants show that those who used a specific formula had a reduction in colic symptoms. A whopping 87% of children showed fewer symptoms in the first month," said Fábio Ancona.

The most common symptoms of colic include intense crying along with leg and arm movements, indicating that the child is in pain. In these situations, the family is under a lot of stress and resorts to superstitions, recipes and indications devoid of any scientific evidence. The most important thing is asking the pediatrician what is the most indicated solution for the problem, and supplements with low lactose content are an excellent option.
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