Diversity and Inclusion are challenges to the organization

Jornal O Amarelinho Online | 03/02/2018
An HR specialist believes that professionals should be attracted to career opportunities.

More than complying with the Quotas Act, we should value diversity, promote social inclusion and nurture the potential of disabled professionals. So says Luciana Lourenço, HR superintendent at Biolab Farmacêutica, a company that holds opportunities for these people in various areas, including those that require a higher education level.

She admits, however, that reaching this goal is a major challenge to the company. “We work hard towards inclusion and diversity as social roles which must be carried out by the entire organization”, she says.

Due to this stance, the company has been attracting professionals with disabilities due to the offering of a customized assistance technology, tailored to the needs of the collaborator, and the opportunities of building a career. “We understand that a selection process involves mutual choice. Which is why, for us, there is no clear distinction between people. All are observed and evaluated according to their skills and qualifications”, Luciana explains.

In order to ensure a more welcoming environment, area managers undergo an awareness-raising program, and replicate the information to other employees. “This development is invaluable for effective inclusion of people with disabilities”, emphasizes the HR superintendent.

This talent harvesting and retaining effort is further boosted by company policy towards innovation and valuation of people.  “This perspective towards inclusion is part of our business”, concludes Luciana.

Professionals with disabilities that are interested in working at Biolab Farmacêutica should send their CVs to atracaoeselecao@biolabfarma.com.br.
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