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Up Pharma Magazine | 08/14/2019
Biolab Farmacêutica's tribute to Cardiologist Day
by Cleiton de Castro Marques

Biolab is proud of featuring the field of Cardiology as one of its main areas of expertise. Caring for the heart takes a lot of knowledge, skill and commitment. That's why we foster positive and long-lasting relationships with our cardiologists.

We have built and strengthened this commitment over time. The first medications ever manufactured by Biolab were for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Since then, we've worked hard to serve the field of Cardiology and medicine in general, always working very closely with doctors. Besides visiting doctor's offices, our team also attends all of the main events in the field, reaching out to experts and sharing relevant and objective information to help them treat their patients.

Driven by the responsibility of having their patients' lives in their hands, cardiologists face extremely complex challenges in their field. Making the right decision can save patients and improve their quality of life. As a company, we are committed to offering solutions to these professionals (the best medications), ultimately helping improve medical treatments with excellence and dedication.

Biolab's work is all about innovation. We believe that is the future of the pharmaceutical industry. We take our work very seriously. More than merely focusing on promoting the benefits of our own products, we also strive to keep physicians up to date with high-quality technical content, based on scientific studies from renowned organizations. We want to raise awareness and show how each medication can improve patients' lives. That is our top priority.

This is what helped consolidate Biolab as the leading company in Cardiology prescription drug sales in Brazil. Our marketing team works hard to implement strategies that promote our portfolio in the market, particularly allowing us to work closer to doctors.

We have one of the largest Sales Forces in the country. Totaling more than 1,400 professionals on the field. We're very proud that our team has been able to build a positive relationship with the medical class through competence and professionalism.

Cardiology is part of our DNA. And cardiologists are important allies in this endless quest for health. We nurture this relationship through medical visits, constantly showing all medical professionals that they can count on our expertise and our innovative products with absolute confidence when prescribing medications.

While the resources available to boost the quality of life of the population are becoming more modern and diversified, the everyday hustle and bustle increases the risk of cardiovascular issues. In this scenario, cardiologists play an increasingly crucial role in patients' lives, raising awareness, answering questions and guiding patients through a healthier lifestyle. This motivates us to produce even more scientific work to develop preventive and long-term solutions that will lead to a healthier ageing process.

This partnership ultimately translates into people with healthier hearts who lead longer and better lives. We believe that cardiologists play a key role in helping reinvent how we approach heart health. That's why we want to keep nurturing our relationship to promote longevity through knowledge and innovation.

Congratulations to all medical professionals for choosing to pursue a career in Cardiology, a field that is just as challenging as it is fascinating.

Published on: August 2019
Vehicle: Up Pharma Magazine
City: São Paulo, SP
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