Intense vomits during pregnancy need treatment

Diário do Nordeste | 11/07/2017
Fonte: dr. Antônio Cabral
The symptom can interfere in birth and development of the baby

During gestation, nauseas and vomits in women are considered as normal symptoms; around 80% of pregnant women have these events. “In 85% of the cases, the solution is to simply change the habits, such as avoiding ingestion of liquids right after waking up and excluding fatty food, hot food and soda from diet”, explains Antonio Cabral, Doctor of Obstetrics from Unifesp and Full professor of Obstetrics from Medicine College of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG).
Cabral highlights that in 1% of pregnant women these symptoms evolve to severe nausea and vomit events. “This is what we call Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), a serious problem which needs to be treated properly. Pregnant women with Hyperemesis can have an accentuate weight loss (more than 20% of pre-gestation weight), dehydration and metabolic changes, which lead to worsening of general condition and relevant repercussions to the mother and fetus, requiring hospitalization”, he explains.
Women who have nausea and vomit events considered as moderate to severe, it means, the symptoms occurs up to ten times a day, need to receive medicines called antiemetic drugs, to relieve the symptoms, avoid maternal dehydration and changes in organism functioning.
However, the need to use a drug generates other concern to future mothers, once some of them can affect baby’s development. “The safety of some antiemetic drugs has been already successfully tested. Among the drugs used in Brazil, the only one which assures to not compromise baby’s neurodevelopment is Ondansetron, which can be used for all levels of nausea and vomit, according to a study of Food and Drug Association (FDA), a U.S. governmental body, founded in 1862, with the function to control food and drugs, by several tests and researches”, highlights the specialist.
Doctor and patient need to pay attention to not take unnecessary risks. Intense and non-treated vomits can prejudice the fetus, generating delays in intellectual maturation. This condition needs to be treated, but with safety. We should not take risks when it comes to baby’s health”, highlights Cabral.
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