Osteoarthritis: a disease that reaches 15 million Brazilians

Jornal Diário de S. Paulo | 09/18/2017
Fonte: Pérola Grinberg Plapler
Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as arthrosis, is a degenerative and inflammatory joint disease, with no cure yet, which specially attacks knee, hip, spine and hands joints. The numbers of this disease are impressive: 15 million Brazilians have this pathology, according to Ministry of Health.

The disease can have different causes: posttraumatic, age, genetic issues, excessive weight and obesity. The elderly is the age range most affected by the disease, but what we have seen is a considerable growth of young people being diagnosed with OA. 

According to World Health Organization, OA is in the fourth position in the ranking of pathologies responsible for life quality loss. The person who has arthritis suffers a lot of pain, rigidity and joint locking, leading to a reduced mobility.

There are several options which can help the patient to have a comfortable life. In most severe cases, knee and hip prosthesis are a treatment option. 

Ideally symptoms should be treated minimally invasive as possible. For this purpose, a great ally is the collagen peptide. In a study presented in Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI), in the United States about the use of collagen peptide to fight the symptoms, the result proved the chondroprotective effect of the cartilage when used. In addition, it has a prolonged analgesic and antiflammatory effect.

Supplementation with chelated minerals and vitamin E, both antioxidants, has also shown to be very important to these patients, once one of the causes/consequences of OA can be oxidative stress, when the organism does not produce the required quantity of antioxidants to fight free radicals. 

Patients with osteoarthritis need to search for alternatives, with the doctor, of treatments that enable them to have a normal life with less pain.
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