Overweight is a reality in Brazil

Jornal O Estado de Minas Online/MG | 06/18/2017
The obesity represents the most growing nutritional problem in population noted in the last years. According to the last National Health Research (PNS), conducted by IBGE in partnership with Ministry of Health, almost 60% of Brazilians are overweighed. In waist size evaluation, 37.7% of Brazilians have increased circumference, which elevates the risks of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Bad food habits and high sugar consumption triggers overweight and obesity problems. Weight reduction is reached from orientation of a hypocaloric diet, with adequate quantities of the main nutrients (proteins, minerals and vitamins), low ingestion of fat and carbohydrates and higher consumption of fibers. According to Dr. Rosana Perim Costa, nutrition manager at Hcor, in São Paulo, when this intervention is not successful, a drug treatment can be indicated, acting as an adjuvant to non-drug therapy.

“There are several combinations of drugs which have an action in central nervous system. Results of recent researches demonstrated that hydroxycitric acid (HCA), extracted from the citric fruit garcinia cambogia, when administered before meals can lead to a weight loss in obese subjects, significantly reducing the ingestion of food by increasing satiety”.
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