Pharmaceutical Company Biolab and Marisol evaluate going to USA

Jornal O Estado de S. Paulo/SP | 02/29/2016
Brazilian small- and medium-size companies have evaluated going to the United States. The demand had been already warmed up in the last years, but has started growing from 2014. The industry Marisol and the pharmaceutical company Biolab, one of the most innovative ones in the country, are among those with intention to enter into U.S. market, O Estado found out. "There was already a great demand, but uncertainties with the direction of the economy, after last presidential election, sped up the decision-making process of some entrepreneurs", says Pedro Drummon, lawyer and partner of Drummon Company, with headquarter in Boston (USA) and offices in Brazil. The company advises entrepreneurs who intend to invest in U.S. territory and has the support of Câmara Americana de Comércio Brasil-Estados Unidos (Amcham).

In 2015, Drummond advised 120 companies which invested in the U.S.A. In 2014, he had advised 85 companies. "We have three profiles of investors. The first one is composed by companies planning to internationalize in order to reduce dependency on Brazilian market. The second group consists of technology companies, looking for access to cheaper financing abroad, once Brazil has restricted credit. The third one is composed by investors, but natural person", he affirms.

The pharmaceutical laboratory Biolab, directed by Castro Marques family, is one of the companies searching for Drummon to set foot in U.S.A. Cleiton de Castro Marques, president and one of the partners of the Brazilian laboratory, stated that an office has been already opened in Miami for business prospects. According to him, the goal is to adequate drug dossiers with U.S. regulatory bodies, which may expand the operation field of the Brazilian group. Biolab is also investing in a research and development site (R&D) in Toronto, Canada. Expansion - The chain of stores Marisol also evaluates going to United States to internationalize. However, this project is at an early-stage, according to information of the company.

The company has been advised by WTC Business Club, which supports companies with intention to compete in external market. "We are not restricted to the United States", said the president of WTC Business Club, Bruno Bomeny. According to him, there are at least 100 companies being advised by him. "WTC Business has been operating in Brazil since 1995 and has affiliated companies in Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Joinville and Florianópolis. We have more than 100 associated companies and we promote around 150 events per year." On Thursday, WTC Business Club do Brazil unit in Fort Lauderdale (Flórida) will hold a meeting with around 80 executives of U.S.A. and Latin America to discuss business opportunities in the State of Florida.
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