Social isolation can contribute to nail strengthening

MS News Portal | 08/24/2020
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In addition to daily care, strengthener and oral supplements are essential.
The need for social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led women to not paint their nails regularly. Aesthetic issues aside, doctors see this as positive for nail breathing. They explain that the vast majority of nail polishes have solvents in their formulas, which can make the nails weaker due to the partial degradation of keratin, even preventing their proper hydration.
Dr. Juliano Augusto Ribeiro de Carvalho, a dermatologist specializing in Advanced Dermatology from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), makes recommendations on nail care during this period. "Many women have been grooming their nails at home, but this process also requires attention. Taking advantage of quarantine weeks to not use any nail polish is interesting for nail health, starting with hydration. This gives us a chance to replenish lipids that our nails need, so that their blades are properly hydrated and thus remain strong," the dermatologist emphasizes.
Another tip is to not remove the cuticles, which protect the nail matrix, acting as a barrier to prevent traumas and infections from reaching this region. Good cuticle hydration reduces the need to cut them. If you need to paint your nails, always be careful to remove the nail polish with acetone-free removers, since that chemical increases nail dryness, making them weaker and more brittle.
In addition, oral supplementation with essential amino acids, biotin, vitamins, and iron can be beneficial for the strong development and growth of weak nails. "A source of protein that offers sulfur amino acids (main components of the nail blade), in addition to vitamins and minerals, helps nails grow stronger and more resilient," the doctor says.
It's also important to use a strengthener – mainly composed of keratin, Panicum miliaceum extract, and glycerin – on the nail itself. Dr. Juliano Carvalho highlights that dermocosmetic products contribute to the proper hydration of the nail blade, which is essential for nail health. "They create a film over the nails, offering protection. In addition, they strengthen the blade due to the presence of amino acids and biotin," the expert concludes.
Dr. Carvalho points out that keeping your nails short is the healthiest option during the pandemic. "Long nails get dirty more easily and are more difficult to clean. Not to mention that very long nails are more prone to detachment, due to the lever effect, as well as to mycoses."
The expert stresses the importance of being careful when trimming your nails. "Toenails should be cut straight to prevent ingrowing. Fingernails are best cut rounded, so that the rougher edges do not keep catching on clothing, which would make it easier for them to break and suffer trauma."
Finally, he explains that it is essential that the personal tools used for nail care are always well disinfected. In the case of tools used in beauty parlors or by professionals, they must be sterilized.
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