Business evolution

To get here, we started with the purpose of bringing quality of life and well-being to people, by selling medicines. Along this path, we have faced opportunities and important decisions that have helped us build a long track history of innovation.


Our history starts in Taboão da Serra, São Paulo, where we acquired our first manufacturing facility.
That is where we produce our solid, semi-solid, injectable hormonal and solid non-hormonal drugs.

Our business broke ground with a strong focus on Cardiology. Nowadaays, Aradois is one of the leading products in the Brazilian market


The launch of our PO&I in ltapecerica da Serra, São Paulo, changed the way our business is done: from that moment on, we started to put innovation into practice and develop our own products.


In 2005, we developed Vonau Flash, a successful partnership between Biolab and the University of São Paulo (USP). It is the most prescribed antiemetic in the Brazilian market, the leader in important medical fields, such as Pediatrics and Gastro, with more than 6 million patients treated per year. Today, Vonau Flash is exported to Ecuador and Colombia and has become our biggest product.


More infrastructure: in 2008, the Jandira, São Paulo, plant is acquired for the manufacture of non-hormonal oral solids and then, in 2018, the site is expanded to also produce soft capsules and pouches.


Joint venture with German-based Merz­, which resulted in Merz Biolab, paves the way to a Procedures product line and a new business possibility: the sale to clinics of the botulinum toxin Xeomine, which became part of Biolab's portfolio in 2021, with a focus on therapeutic treatments. The first contact with Merz was in 1998, to bring Pantogar to Brazil.

Having built up our infrastructure to serve the domestic market, it's time look beyond our borders. We begin exporting our products.


The purchase of a manufacturing plant in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, marks the start of an expansion phase. The site manufactures liquid and semi-solid products,as well as supplements.


A new investment in the health and well-being sector: Avert Saúde Animal is launched, with a focus on pet health.


Another step beyond our borders: Biolab is the first Brazilian pharmaceutical company to open a research center abroad. The site is located in Mississauga, Canada.


In 2018, Biolab enters the Generics segment by acquiring the portfolio of Actavis Farmacêutica Leda.


A focus on health with an eye towards the future is the motto of the IO.Biolab line of products, which marks the company's presence in the vitamin and mineral supplementation business aimed at longevity.


To address the growth of mental health related complications, in 2019 the company advances to manufacture Central Nervous System (CNS) drugs.


Another plant launch: in 2020, construction begins in the Pouso Alegre manufacturing complex, Minas Gerais, a major investment aimed at increasing our productive capacity and preparing us to boost our exports.


Biolab broadens international footprint with purchase of Canadian company Exzell Pharma. This new acquisition represents a major growth opportunity by establishing an international platform for exports to other countries from Canada.

Contents updated in August | 2022
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