Biolab has a legacy of over 20 years in applying science in order to discover and develop new technologies, molecules, drugs, dermocosmetics, food supplements and health products that help change lives.

To give a sequence to this success in searching for new products, we have two specialized units entirely dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I), one of these units in Brazil and the other in Canada. Professionals are engaged in generating knowledge and technology, constantly seeking improvement in disease treatment and prevention.


Areas in which Biolab has solid lead in the Brazilian market
Potential areas in which Biolab has ongoing projects
We also invest significantly in broader early discovery researches, incubating areas of new antifungal molecules, nanotechnology and improvement of brain functions related to learning processes, memory, attention and conscience.
Other RD&I projects comprise:
| Elderly Health | Pain Relief | Breathing Apparatus  | Hormone Therapy | Nutrition | Gastrointestinal Health | Skin Health |
Our focus is in building a strong and competitive pipeline of scientific innovation based on new technology platforms, comprising of:

Rapid oral dissolution products, for easier use, such as flash-type disintegration tablets and also orodispersible films;

Microgranules or pellets which modulate the path throughout the GI tract;

Unprecedented pharmacological associations with proven therapeutic benefits;

Applied nanotechnologies;

Bioadhesive semi-solid forms (mucoadhesive) and new trends for pharmaceutical forms never seen before in the Brazilian market.

This pipeline is fed by Innovation areas that are comprised by our research and development teams, medical areas, marketing and relevant insights from physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists and consumers, which enables us to develop innovative products based on the actual daily health needs of our customers.

Biolab’s RD&I team is organized into 5 major areas:

Responsável por avaliar o princípio ativo em seus aspectos moleculares, as possíveis interações entre o ativo e os excipientes e o comportamento dessa mistura.
Responsável por conceber a forma farmacêutica, realizar estudos sobre o comportamento do ativo e dos excipientes nas formulações, empregar melhor os recursos tecnológicos disponíveis, acompanhar a estabilidade e realizar o scale-up, saindo de ensaios em pequenas quantidades para a produção em escala industrial.
Responsável pelo desenvolvimento de metodologias diversas para avaliar os inúmeros parâmetros farmacêuticos esperados, além de acompanhar, avaliar e orientar, sob o aspecto analítico, as diversas formulações desenvolvidas pela área galênica.
Responsável pelo acompanhamento e pela orientação regulatória acerca dos novos desenvolvimentos, direcionando sobre as necessidades específicas de novas normas publicadas no Brasil, em países do Mercosul, no México e nos Estados Unidos, em países europeus e naqueles para onde a Biolab levará seus novos produtos.
Responsável pelas atividades relacionadas a abastecimento de matérias-primas, materiais não produtivos, consumíveis de laboratório, manutenção de equipamentos e predial, refeitório, RH e saúde dos colaboradores.

Working in the RD&I department requires great dedication, constant learning, knowledge and skill in decision-making. Besides, taking on challenges and being always on for the constant evolution of new knowledge, through applied science, is also required.

People that work in the RD&I department must fully understand that risk is ever present in our daily activities, which is why we must also be prepared for failure and not let our heads down when we face it. On the contrary, they must fuel our relentless search for good results.

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