According To Ministry Of Healthy, 40% Of Brazilians Have High Levels Of Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Cholesterol is a fat that contributes to the functioning of the body. However, there are two types of cholesterol in the organism, which should be monitored: LDL and HDL. LDL, known as bad cholesterol, causes the accumulation of fat plaques in blood vessels. HDL, known as good cholesterol, has the function to remove bad cholesterol from blood stream and to take it to the liver, where it will be eliminated or recycled.

Drugs composed of statins are the most efficient ones to control bad cholesterol, because they inhibit cholesterol production in the liver (the highest source of cholesterol in the organism) and increase the removal of this cholesterol from blood by the liver, decreasing the levels of total cholesterol. However, statins can have some contraindications, such as in cases of diabetic individuals and people with HIV. For these patients, a specific drug of statin class is the most indicated: pitavastatin.

Pitavastatin offers additional benefits, such as not interfering in glycaemia (blood glucose levels). This characteristic enables its indication to pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals. It does not interfere in the effect of retroviral drugs, and can be used by HIV carriers. These are essential characteristics to these groups of patients, although all those who have high cholesterol levels can use this type of statin.

One of the main consequences of high cholesterol is cardiovascular diseases, pathologies responsible for 30% of deaths in the world. High levels of LDL cholesterol have a risk of 50% of heart attack and 25% of stroke. You have to watch for it.
December | 18 | 2017
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