Brittle nail syndrome affects 20% of the population

Part of the population faces a problem known as the brittle nail syndrome, which is characterized by brittle nail that can be with a roughened surface, become brittle and scaling. This problem is more common than imagined: it is present in about 20% of the population and reaches twice as many women as men.
Some situations may contribute to the onset of the syndrome. The fingernail plate comprises of several layers of dead cells, which are adhered to each other by a type of "glue". The use of cleaning products and solvents in some nail polishes and removers causes this "glue" to be removed and thus the fingernail layers separate, with the first signs appearing.
Particular attention must be paid to nails that break easily and get caught on clothes and the hair, scaling nails, whose tips have 2 or 3 layers overlap, appearance of white spots that come with sanding and soft or thin nails, which fold easily.
The first step in the care of brittle nails is behavioral measures such as avoiding long nails, trimming softened nails, not removing cuticles, not handling certain cooking and cleaning substances without the use of gloves, taking breaks of at least 2 or 3 days without nail polish.
Diet can also influence nail health. Diets low in vitamins, minerals and proteins can contribute to the appearance of weak nails in addition to local factors. Thus, it is important to be attentive to food as well.
When the problem is already happening, it is recommended, in addition to the care mentioned above, to use specific products to aid treatment, such as food supplements containing proteins, vitamins and minerals directed to nail health. In addition, topical products that contain keratin, biotin and plant extracts help moisturize, strengthen and protect nails.
ATTENTION: At the first sign of weak nails, it is important to seek care from a physician so that the cause of the problem is identified and properly treated.
March | 07 | 2019
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