Helping children breathe easier

The dry air of the drought season leads to more cases of colds, rhinitis and sinus infections, especially in children.
Besides the discomfort of a stuffy nose, this can also affect children's growth and development, since they have more trouble eating and sleeping, which ultimately affects their everyday activities.

There are some ways to ease this discomfort. Avoid closed and crowded areas, which can sometimes be difficult because of school and other similar environments.

It is also important to teach children at a very young age to wash their hands properly, and always seek medical care from the pediatrician if the child is sick.

Decongestants can also be used during the dry season. There are specific products for children that do not harm the nasal mucosa and have excellent results. This type of product can be used by all ages, either in drops for babies or sprays for older children.

It is recommended to clean children's noses three times a day during dry days. For breastfeeding infants, it is recommended to clean their noses before breastfeeding.       In addition, children must regularly visit their pediatrician, since preventing diseases is extremely important.

Breathing well is essential to have a healthy and happy life. That's why it is so important to take good care of our breathing.
August | 22 | 2019
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