Overdosage Of Folic Acid During Pregnancy

Did you know that one in every 1,000 babies born in Brazil has a bad development of neural tube or spina bifida? The administration of folic acid in the right moment and ideal dosage (400 mcg) ensures the correct formation of babies.

Children inherit genes from parents and they will work correctly from the ingestion of vitamins. Among various genes, there are those, which define baby’s morphology, it means, they close the spine, face and cardiac structures. When folic acid is ingested under a correct dose, the baby has the whole structure closed.

Nevertheless, there is other risk for babies, in case of overdosage of folic acid: autism, syndrome with multiple causes. One of these causes is genetics related to nutrition. It is scientifically proven that certain gene responsible for brain maturation in the period called embryonic neurodevelopment, when facing excessive folic acid, makes a wrong expression, which leads the child to have cognitive and emotional difficulties, related to autism.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) participates in many functions of the organism, and when administered under the correct dosage and period, it protects the baby, helping to close the neural tube and contributing to embryo neurodevelopment.  For over 20 years, World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the ingestion of 400 micrograms per day.
January | 15 | 2018
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