Biolab Sanus Farmacêutica Ltda. | 04/27/2020
Fonte: Biolab Sanus Farmacêutica Ltda.
São Paulo, April 27, 2020
Dear patients and medical personnel, please be advised that the product PROPILRACIL 100 mg Tablet is out of stock due to the unavailability of the active ingredient for its manufacture.
The manufacturer of the active ingredient approved by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) is based in China, and its operations have been shut down since November 2019, by order of the Chinese government, directly impacting on the shipment of the raw material to manufacture the product.
Delivery of the material, scheduled for December 2019, January, February, March and April 2020 did not take place, and regular delivery is expected to resume in May 2020.
Biolab is making every effort to restore our regular service and will give priority to manufacturing the product as soon as it receives the active ingredient.
We can be reached via our Customer Service line at +0800 724 6522.
Best regards,
Biolab Sanus Farmacêutica Ltda.
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Customer Service 0800 724 6522
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