Take care of your body and your joints

Exercise is extremely important, and brings many benefits to the body. However, regardless of the selected activity, it is necessary to take some precautions to avoid joint and muscle injuries that can turn this healthy habit into a major problem.
Your joints are coated with a thin layer of protection called cartilage, which serves both to absorb impact as well as minimize friction during bone displacement. Due to constant cartilage overload, cells that produce balance become damaged, leading to their degradation. When you practice sports, your joints, especially the knees, ankles and hips, receive a higher overload compared to routine activity, increasing their wear.
Taking care of your cartilage is the main way to prevent joint damage. It is recommended that you take supplements that help protect the cartilage worn down by the normal aging process, which could be worsened by physical activity, especially impact exercises. 
The supplements most often recommended for these situations are collagen peptides. Studies show that the use of collagen peptides assists in alleviating pain and improving the quality of life of people with joint diseases, as well as in subjects experiencing pain upon exertion who do not suffer from joint diseases yet.
The decision to start any physical exercise is an important step to a healthier life; however, before starting a routine of active physical activity, it is essential to seek expert guidance.
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December | 10 | 2018
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