The Sun's vitamin

Vitamins are essential nutrients for the human body to function properly. Our body alone is unable to produce them, so they must be absorbed through diet, or in the case of vitamin D, through the Sun. The amount ingested or sun exposure is often not enough, however, and supplements are necessary.
Each vitamin has its role, and among the most important is vitamin D, responsible for regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus throughout the body. It preserves the balance and proper functioning of different organs and ensures the proper functioning and integrity of bones and muscles, including the heart.
Here are three good reasons to always be attentive to the level of vitamin D in your body:
Having excellent health

Vitamin D is essential to support an immune system that is capable of fighting viruses and bacteria that cause disease.
Being in a good mood
Deficiencies of this vitamin can be one of the causes of fatigue and tiredness.
Taking good care of your bones

One of the main functions of vitamin D in the body is to improve calcium absorption and help with bone maintenance.
October | 11 | 2018
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