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At Biolab, we are committed to creating innovative products that really make a difference to people's health. We value quality and use the latest technologies at every stage of manufacturing, from research to the delivery of the final product, with the aim of improving everyone's quality of life.

Since 1997, our multidisciplinary team has been dedicated to building a legacy of excellence in the pharmaceutical industry, which is highly rated by the medical profession. We are one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Brazil and we are constantly expanding globally through our partnerships and our unit in Canada, Exzell Pharma.

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We are committed to providing high quality medicines that meet the health needs of the population, looking for ways to promote health in Brazil and around the world. We currently have 3 factories, 3 Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) centers, administrative offices and a technology center in Brazil, as well as an industrial complex under construction in the city of Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais. In Canada, we have a Research, Development & Innovation center and a commercial unit. 



Biolab is a pharmaceutical company whose mission is to develop, produce and commercialize products that improve the quality of life of its consumers, always combining quality with high technological added value and an excellent reputation among the medical profession at a price that suits the reality of the company and the Brazilian consumer.



To be among the largest and best pharmaceutical companies in the country and to be the national company with the largest share of innovative products in its portfolio.



Commitment means acting with the company's interests at heart. It means having a responsible attitude, with determination, to achieve and exceed the expected results.

Adaptabilidade é a capacidade de adequar-se a novos cenários com agilidade e respeito aos princípios éticos e legais. É ter flexibilidade para criar uma identidade própria e única e incentivar a diversidade de opiniões.

Empreendedorismo é realizar ações e idealizar novos métodos por meio da aplicação de conhecimento e de visão de oportunidade. É crescer de forma sustentável, com base na inovação e criatividade, balanceando riscos e retornos inerentes ao negócio.

Valorização das pessoas é agir com respeito e solidariedade. É incentivar os colaboradores a conciliar vida pessoal e profissional, para que todos tenham saúde e qualidade de vida.


And there's more!

With a mission to promote health at all stages of life, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions. That's why we have a comprehensive portfolio of more than 425 products and invest around 10% of our turnover in research, development and innovation. Our aim is to create a future in which quality of life is a reality in many areas.

Heart health has always been important to us, and we have also extended our excellence to areas such as Gynecology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Central Nervous System (CNS), Angiology, Orthopedics & Rheumatology and Dermocosmetics, offering innovative solutions for the various medical specialties. Still focusing on cardiovascular health, we have expanded our care beyond our walls and are calling on everyone to turn their gaze to women's heart health, through the initiative Biolab Together for Them.

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We have a talented and dynamic team, made up of experienced professionals and young people who are always looking to grow. Every member of the team is valued here, which is why we invest in everyone's professional and personal development.

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