We believe that Biolab's growth and evolution go hand in hand with the professional development of its employees. Our programs provide opportunities for career growth and ensure that the company grows based on solid values.

icon representing Leadership Immersion
Leadership Immersion

We offer our employees who are hired or promoted to management positions the Leadership Immersion Program, which represents the Biolab Way of Leading.

icon representing Management Pills
Management pills

We train our leaders, through face-to-face and online workshops, on relevant topics related to company processes and policies that impact day-to-day management.

icon representing RH em Pauta
HR on the agenda

We present the main Human Resources programs and best practices to Sales Force leaders through online workshops so that they can support their teams.

icon representing Coaching/Mentoring

We partner with specialized professionals to support and contribute to the development of our leaders' specific needs.

icon representing Biolab Academy
Biolab Academy

Our learning platform is aimed at educating our employees through courses focused on technical content, skills, health and quality of life.

icon representing LIT Platform
LIT Platform

We have a partnership with the Saint Paul Academy with the aim of promoting a digital learning journey for our employees, considering the development opportunities aligned between leader and led.

icon representing Incentive Education
Incentivized Education

We offer financial support for language, technical, undergraduate, postgraduate and master's courses, subsidizing up to 70% of the tuition fees.

icon representing Educational Partnerships
Educational Partnerships

We encourage the self-development of employees and their families through access to educational institutions under special conditions negotiated between partners and Biolab.

icon representing External Courses
External Courses

We believe in education as a tool for development and we encourage our employees to learn through courses subsidized 100% by Biolab, held inside or outside the company.

icon representing Green Belt
Green Belt

We certify groups of employees in the Green Belt methodology in order to act strongly in continuous improvement projects.

icon representing People Cycle
People Cycle

We assess the competencies of our employees, including leadership, the sales force and other groups of professionals, with a view to building a learning culture and providing continuous feedback.

icon representing Career Track
Career Track

We have implemented specific career paths for our Sales Force team, with a focus on continuous development and professional progress.

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