At Biolab, clinical research is essential to fulfilling our mission of promoting health and well-being. With a dedicated multidisciplinary team, we develop innovative products that improve people's lives.

We recognize the importance of clinical studies in the search for new health solutions and value the role of each individual in this process. As a result, we have achieved important milestones, such as the approval of clinical studies, regulatory submissions and support for investigator-initiated studies.



Conduct high-quality clinical research with scientific rigor and ethics.

Developing innovative and safe medicines that improve patients' quality of life.

Collaborate with the medical and scientific community to advance knowledge and best practices in the field of health.




We strive for excellence in everything we do, from conducting clinical studies to interacting with our collaborators and partners.


We act ethically, transparently and responsibly in all our actions.


We put the patient at the center of everything we do, focusing on their needs and well-being.


We are constantly looking for new ideas and solutions to overcome health challenges and offer the best results to patients.


We believe in the power of collaboration between different areas of expertise to achieve more significant results.



Highly qualified staff

We bring together experienced professionals who are passionate about clinical research, with expertise in various areas of health.

Solid network of partners

We maintain partnerships with the main medical centers and research institutions in the country.

Commitment to ethics

and social responsibility - We follow the strictest ethical and social responsibility standards.



Investigator-initiated studies (IISs)

We value scientific research led by Brazilian researchers. That's why we offer support for Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS).from English Investigator Initiated Studies), to encourage the production of local knowledge and contribute to the advancement of science in our country.


Scientific Support Program

Biolab's Scientific Support Program seeks to promote and support research conducted by Brazilian researchers and with Brazilian participants. Our aim is to foster innovation, understand the specific medical needs of the population in our country and contribute to the advancement of science.



What is an Investigator-Initiated Study (IIS)?

EII is a clinical study conceived, designed and conducted by a principal investigator who is not an employee of the pharmaceutical company.

Why submit an EII to Biolab?
  • Financial and scientific support - Biolab offers financial and scientific support for the development of EIIs in therapeutic areas of interest to the company and which have been approved by the company's scientific committee.
  • Access to resources and expertise - The company offers access to resources and expertise in various areas, such as research methodology, study management, data analysis and the supply of research products.
  • Visibility and recognition - Biolab promotes the dissemination of EII results at congresses and scientific publications.
How to submit an EII proposal?

Access our proposal submission portal and follow the instructions. Our team will be on hand to help you with the submission and evaluation process.

What are the evaluation criteria?

EII proposals will be evaluated by a committee of Biolab experts, based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific and medical relevance
  • Quality of research methodology
  • Feasibility of the study
  • Potential impact on public health
  • Alignment with Biolab's therapeutic areas of interest
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