Biolab is recognized for its strong focus on Research and Innovation, which drives the development of new products for the company's portfolio. We have four Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) Centers. Three of these centers are engaged in the development of medicines and food supplements for human and veterinary use, two of them located in Brazil and the third strategically located in Canada, with the aim of strengthening and accelerating our international reach. The fourth RD&I center, also located in Brazil, specializes exclusively in the study of new molecules and fundamental research for radical innovations.

Biolab RD&I Canada - OFFICIAL

These centers add new products to Biolab's portfolio and thus expand the choice of medicines for the community and health professionals. They also focus on improving the products already in the group's portfolio. Investing in Research, Development and Innovation results in the launch of safer and more effective medicines.


The demands for product development arise from unmet medical needs, market trends and partnerships with private institutions, research institutes and universities.


Our investments make it possible to use advanced technologies at every stage, from development to production. They also train our professionals and align our procedures with both national and international regulatory requirements.


We highlight projects carried out in partnership, such as the drug Vonau Flash®, developed jointly with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of São Paulo (FCF-USP), which has brought benefits to the population, the company and the university.

In addition, we are making progress on various projects at different stages of pre-clinical and clinical study, linked to incremental and disruptive (radical) innovations.

Incremental innovation

It concerns modifications and updates made to an existing product.

Radical/disruptive innovation

The aim is to create a new and innovative solution.

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