Biolab to test new hypertension drug

Valor Econômico Newspaper | 12/10/2019
Fonte: Valor Econômico Newspaper
Company signs agreement with Quantum Genomics for research, production and marketing of new medication in Latin America.

Biolab has signed an agreement with the French company Quantum Genomics for the development, production and marketing of a new hypertension drug in Latin America. According to the president of the Brazilian pharmaceutical company, Cleiton Castro Marques, the contract provides for coordination of the clinical trials for the new drug, which is part of a new therapeutic class for high blood pressure treatment in Brazil.

"We will be conducting Phase 3 research in 2020 and 2021 in Brazil and Mexico. This will be the first time that a Brazilian pharmaceutical company is participating in the development of a medication that is the first of its kind in the world. We hope to complete the studies in 2021 in order to apply for registration with the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) in 2022", said Castro Marques.

For this contract, the executive stated that USD 22 million will be invested over the next three years. "We negotiated this contract for a year, and the agreement will give us exclusive marketing in Latin America. Our strength in Brazil is cardiovascular medicines, and this drug will provide a big boost to our business."

According to Mr. Castro Marques, Biolab will also produce the new medication. At first, it will be available in Latin America only, but negotiations are in place for a roll-out to other countries outside the region. "We have the manufacturing infrastructure to open a new product line. The factory under construction in the city of Pouso Alegre (MG) was designed with this new medication in mind. This unit will be prepared to ship medication to the United States and Europe," said the executive.

In a market statement, Quantum said that the strategy of regionalizing clinical studies, production and marketing was more efficient in generating value for the company. "This will allow us to ensure the clinical development of our drug by using laboratories which view the entry of a new hypertension treatment in the market as a strategic opportunity," said Jean-Philippe Milon, general manager of the pharmaceutical company.

In the Brazilian market, heart disease medication accounts for more than 50% of Biolab's sales. The pharmaceutical company has a portfolio of around 140 products in Brazil. This year, gross revenues are expected to reach approximately BRL 2.1 billion, while net revenue, which is calculated with discounted sales for the market, is expected to reach BRL 1.6 billion. "We are currently the leader in this class of medication, and this was one of the factors in closing this deal."
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