Laboratories improve their operational management

Jornal Valor Econômico/SP | 01/07/2016
A group formed by thirteen pharmaceutical companies installed in the country raised 15%, on average, the productivity in operational processes in 2015, from the adoption of an inedited system that allows comparing operational indicators. Named as BCO Farma and launched by sectorial entities, the new system allows pharmaceutical companies to compare their performance in different processes with the performance of their peers, without strategic data to be revealed among the competitors.

For executives of industry, profitability will be increasingly determined by operational efficiency, and not by commercial expansion, which imposes the relevant challenge to a sector whose prices are controlled. In this environment, the system of indicators may attract even more participants.

“The sector has changed and the crisis in the country makes it dormant: it has been increasingly challenging to keep the margins”, affirms the superintendent of Corporative Strategy of Biolab, Jayme Lima. In the laboratory, the use of the system, launched in the beginning of last year by Sindusfarma and Abiquifi, of pharmachemical sector, has already brought operational improvements.

BCO was developed by Fabio Bussinger, of Instituto Farma de Governança Operacional (IFGO), and operates with 23 productivity indicators. “BCO wants to provide independent parameters so that companies objectively determine their strategy and improve competitiveness”, he affirms.
At every two months, explains Bussinger, BCO issues a report with charts outlined from information transferred by each laboratory, which is not nominally identified. In the curve, the companies are able to identify how they are in comparison with others. “Most part of the companies does not have a clear view of their inefficiencies and the financial impact derived from it”, says the specialist.

In addition to Biolab, the following pharmaceutical companies participate in the project: Abbott, Aché, Allergan, Biosintética, Cristália, Eurofarma, FQM, Guerbet, Hypermarcas, Kley Hertz, Momenta and Sandoz. Other “four or five” pharmaceutical companies may probably join the group soon. “Having more companies is a matter of time”, says the CEO of Sindusfarma, Nelson Mussolini. “To be competitive, we need comparison parameters.”
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