Here at Biolab, we believe that health and quality of life are crucial conditions for people to live their lives to the fullest. We research, develop, produce and commercialize medication with the purpose of taking part in these achievements and promote other people’s accomplishments.


Our history began in 1997 with a team determined to build a successful legacy and journey. Nowadays, we are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, a reference in the global market, with a solid commitment to the development of science and the pharmaceutical industry.
With a portfolio spanning over 100 products, we are a vibrant company, committed to the future and investing about 10% of our revenue in Research, Development and Innovation.
A leading company in the Cardiology segment, Biolab has relevant activity in the Gynecology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Central Nervous System, Angiology, Orthopedics & Rheumatology, and Dermocosmetics, amongst others.
Biolab unites experience and youth, and has dynamic and enterprising professionals in its ranks, who are continuously dedicated to evolution. For them, Biolab does not measure any efforts and works on various personal and professional development fronts.
Biolab is a pharmaceutical industry with the mission to develop, manufacture and commercialize products that improve the quality of life of its customers, always combining quality and high aggregated technological value, as well as an excellent reputation with the medical class, at suitable prices to the company’s reality and the Brazilian customer.
To be among the largest and best pharmaceutical industry in the country, and the national company with most innovative products in its portfolio.

Commitment to act with the company’s interests in mind. Be responsible and determined to reach and surpass expected results.

Adaptability is the ability to quickly adapt to new scenarios, upholding ethical and legal principles. To be flexible, creating an unique and own identity and encouraging diversity of opinions.

Entrepreneurship is to carry out actions and come up with new methods through application of knowledge and opportunity sights. It is growing up in a sustainable manner, based on innovation and creativity, balancing risks and revenues inherent to the business.

To appreciate people is to act respectfully and with sympathy. It is to encourage employees to balance personal and professional life, resulting in quality of life.

Contents updated in August | 2022
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