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Excessive itching, skin redness and rashes are known and recurring symptoms for those who have atopic dermatitis. It is a chronic disease, caused by the imbalance of the immune system, which results in an exaggerated inflammatory response and breakdown of the skin barrier.

Atopic dermatitis is common in about 25% of children. However, the disease can also occur in adults – it is estimated that between 2% and 9% of adults have the disease, according to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.
Although the causes of atopic dermatitis are not clear, genetic factors are known to play a part. In families with a history of allergies, such as asthma or rhinitis, the condition is more likely to occur.

It is not exclusive to children, but it is in early childhood (from birth to 6 years of age) that the atopic dermatitis begins. In this age group, treatment choices to minimize symptoms are scarce. Corticosteroids are an option, however, they cannot be used for a long period of time.

Therefore, the help of a pediatrician is key, as toxicity levels in most medications (such as corticosteroids) are usually too high and may expose the child. There are suitable and safe options, especially products based on Pimecrolimus, which can be used in children older than three months.

Medications carrying Pimecrolimus as the active ingredient are also indicated for adult patients, helping to reduce dermatitis outbreaks.

Atopic dermatitis has greater recurrence on the face and joints, which can influence patients' social relations. So be careful. Controlling the condition is the key point.
February | 05 | 2020
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